macaroni and cheese stuffed fried chicken

macaroni and cheese stuffed fried chicken~ it’s an entree and a side in one!

I made this the other night- it’s not true “fried” chicken- more like pan-crisped then baked. Mainly, because I didn’t want my house stinky. I just cleaned it, and you know how fried smells linger? I wanted to be able to enjoy my just-mopped-ness for a little while longer.

This turned out to be an awesome combination- up at the top with bacon and cheddar. Because, let’s face it: chicken breast is dry. Stuff it with some oowey, creamy macaroni and cheese and you have your moisture, flavor and side dish in one convenient meat. I won”t lie, though. I served it up with extra macaroni and cheese. You can never have too much of that.

It’s pretty self explanatory to make- flatten out a chicken breast, fill it with macaroni and cheese add some extra cheese, secure it with toothpicks or string, bread it and pan-fry for a crust- then continue cooking it by baking.

I took some step by steps just in case… can you guess what step this is? 😉

I sometimes get all Martha-y and use twine. It looks neater.No sharp points, either. I have a thing about my food looking dangerous.

Now, when I breaded it- I first did flour, then egg, then the bread crumbs. Obviously, I didn’t take picks while my fingertips were also undergoing the breading process.

I used a small amount of oil to brown the outside, so it got crisp- then baked it in the oven to finish it off.

For the macaroni and cheese recipe- you can use any of these:

macaroni and cheese

macaroni and cheese

For the chicken- well, I’d suggest the store for that. You may get into trouble if you “find” one in your neighborhood.

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