cake II

Well.. I know I promised y’all Turkey day recipes this week. And crafts. I haven’t forgotten.

And, I know pie is traditional with Thanksgiving. I will have that, too.

But… have you considered cake?

Pumpkin spike cake maybe?

Oooo- that sounds festive.

If you’re not a pumpkin fan, you can just add 2 tsp of pumpkin pie spice to plain ol’ cake batter. Then call it “festive fall cake”.  Did I do that this time? Nope. Hubby is not a fan of spice cake.  But… I used to do the pumpkin spice cake for my ex husband, who happened to like spice cake. It’s very tasty. Y’all should try it.

Just a tip.

I am working the whole Turkey day postings backwards and starting with dessert, since I had my cake class last night….

I’m in sugar land.

man… I had to bake THREE cakes. OMGSH was I piiiiiiiissssssed! First one: I removed before it was cooled enough. 2nd one: I under-baked. 3rd was the charm. But… let me tell you; I was very much over cake.

Wanna see my mess?

Sure ya do!

Ugh. Try this mess 3 times.


I made a basic cream filling for my cake. It’s the same one I used for my daughter’s 1st birthday cake. Wait- that sounded gross- it’s the same recipe from her cake. Ewww…. 2 year old cream filling…I don’t even want to imagine what that would be like.

Mmmm, love me some vanilla creme filling….

So… this was my “third charm” cake.

And…. YAY! It survived the car ride. Which also happened to be quite stressful- since I left my wallet at home and had NO GAS. Seriously, all night in class I was wondering if I’d make it home. That sucked.

The only thing that eased my stress was how awesome my turntable worked for doing a crumb coat. Oh yeah… if you are a cake maker- get one of those. They’re awesome.

I just love before and afters.

I also just love fellow bakers.

The girls in the class are just as sweet and excited about butter-cream and cake as I am. Comradery at it’s finest.

I guess anytime you combine cake and girls…giddiness is bound to arise.

And look at all these darling cakes that arose from the giddiness. How sweet.

Can you guess which is mine?

Hint: It’s a round cake.

Hahaha- I know….

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