Let’s chat a bit.

I have had quite the week. If this is what my first week of being 37 is… it’s going to be an eventful year.

I had a birthday last Tuesday, my hubby♥ had ordered me a carrot cake from the same bakery that made our carrot cake wedding cake  (Publix) He ordered it on a Sunday morning, and when he went to pick it up on Tuesday, it wasn’t there. Nope. Nada. Bummer. It turns out, that “Tiffany” forgot to write down the date. So, the manager gave hubby a free cake. Maybe it had something to do with my hubby having more ink on him than a newspaper… and some people get intimated by that, I don’t know. But, hey- free cake is cool.

I did happen to get new Danskos on my birthday. I had a gift certificate that would only afford me one pair, BUT… there was a half off section. Ch-ching!

Now, those of y’all that follow me on all those social networking sites… you all know that I had a crazy urge to go blond.

It turns out, I made a great blond as a three year old and as a15 year old.

Wanna see?

Pretty nifty flashback, huh? I was totally rockin’ the sailor suit. I should have known that I would marry a fisherman.  Not the navy jerk I dated when I was 15. You have to kiss some toads to find your prince, I guess.


Now, as a 36 (almost )37 year old?

Not so much.

so, I decided to go stark-raving red.

Because if you try to go back to brown, it’s likely it will go green. Unless you get some red back in there first. Hair-color science…

I had fun with that, but it began to fade since it was only a demi… and when it faded, it turned quite pink-ish. (gasp!)


I’m back to my sorta- regular color.


Anyway, the Thursday after my birthday, my car broke down. And, I realized that my camera is actually worth more than my car. Seriously.

So, my car got fixed… and our hot water ran out. It runs on gas, and when it’s out of gas- there’s no hot water. We were too cheap to pay an extra $140 for delivery. Ahhh… refreshing cold showers all weekend.

Honestly, it wasn’t that bad. Just watch the news.

I’m so blessed with my leaky roof, broken down car, cold showers, other cake and backed up toilet.

Yep, as soon as we got the hot water back, the toilet backed up. No showers for us. (We only have one bathroom) Typical life stuff like that can really get some people in a mood- but I’d much rather have a broken something,  than nothing. And, I’d rather have bad hair than no hair.

I’m sure you understand.

Now,  if you came for a recipe today- I had intended on sharing a fudge cake. But…. I ran out of butter. Whoops.

I need a cow.

For now, there’s Publix. 🙂


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