Buche de Noel

I know, I should have given this to you before the holidays, but…well…you know. Don’t worry, I will remind you guys it’s here next year.

Now, call me lazy or busy- but every recipe I found for this called for tempering egg yolks. I hate tempering anything. I always get impatient.

What’s tempering?

When you add a little of a hot mixture to a cooler mixture a small amount at a time so that the cooler mixture’s proteins don’t denature. (cook)

Also, I had two kids with me all day, who has time to temper batter?

That’s why I am not a chef. I hate to temper.

So, how did I make a genoise (sponge) cake for my Buche de Noel? Easy- with my ol’ standby right HERE and HERE

And, for the filling /frosting I made a cocoa butter-cream. I am sure there is a French pastry chef somewhere cursing me for actually calling this “Buche de Noel” when really it should be called “lazy mama Christmas log” but, the second name sounds too…um, “bathroom-y” 😉

Anyway, you can make this around springtime and decorate it with those yummy speckled malt eggs…yum.

Jeez, I just realized tomorrow is new years eve. I need a kickin’ appetizer for you. Tomorrow. Deal?

The trick to rolled cakes, is to roll them when they’re warm.

You can do that.

Frost it when it’s cool.

You can do that, too.

And after that, make it snow!

see? You can do it.  Next year, plan on it.

Speaking of plans…

New Years. Hmmm.

Wanna know my resolutions?

Me too.

I always mean to sit down and think of some, but… then I forget to.

Oooo- my resolution is to remember to make a resolution.

Will that work?

What’s yours?

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