rustic Italian breakfast tart

I’m baaaaa-ck!

I seemed to have taken a bit of  of a hiatus around here lately, but- I’m baaaaa-ck, and with some delicious new recipes and stories to share.

Let’s start with breakfast.

This Rustic Italian Breakfast Tart, for instance.

So; I’m not sure if it’s just me, but it seems like the words rustic,  farmhouse,  and gather are everywhere in home decor … the latest trends are aged wood, hammered metal and cozy accent quilts. Of course, in that cozy rustic farmhouse: you’ll need food to go along with the decor.

A sack of greasy fries are not going to look good on that reclaimed barn wood farmhouse table.

But: this will.

(Yes, I’m trying to convince you that you need to make food to match your decor) 

This is a breeze to whip up, too… trust me I have four kids- three of them are under two. I’m not going to give you a recipe you can’t do.

I have a few shortcuts:

One of them is BLENDABELLA. It’s magic in a jar.

It’s a jarful of flavor that will make just about anything savory extra special. I would personally name it magic mushroom mix, but their name is much more (a-hem) grown up. I speak toddler way too much, by the way.

You can buy it here: BLENDABELLA

It’s something I’ll never run out of. And, it comes in ahhhhmazing flavors: #rustictuscan, #zestyMexican, and #coconutThai.

I made some tasty Thai street snack wraps, but that’s for lunch, on another post.

I discovered BLENDABELLA through a blogger recipe challenge, the nice folks sent me some samples to see what I would create; and by far this is a keeper recipe that will be on our table for years to come. Oh, and don’t worry… you don’t need a rustic farmhouse table to enjoy.

It’s just as good warmed up the next day in the car on the way to wherever you need to be.

To make it “busy mama easy” I used a boxed hot roll mix; and preshredded cheese….

You could also use a can of pizza crust… that would make it “busy mama crazy easy” 😉

Be sure to follow BLENDABELLA on social media for updates and even more recipes from this magic mushroom mix.






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  1. […] you read my post about the Rustic Italian Breakfast Tart, you’d see in the recipe you would end up with 1/2 of a ball of bread dough left over… […]

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