IMG_7863-0.JPGMy new favorite sandwich… For breakfast at least.  Rich eggs, creamy cheese and hearty kale.

Because when you add something green to your mornings, it makes the day go better.

And, when you’re not ravenous at 10am, it’s a bonus.

These are my go-to breakfast when I know I have a busy day ahead of me, those days when I toss an apple in my bag, hoping I’ll get a moment to scarf it.

But, this sandwich keeps my belly content for at least four hours.

Another bonus.

My family is HUGE on breakfast sandwiches. I think it’s for obvious reasons…

Minimal dishes


Can be eaten on the go

Now, this particular sandwich is my personal favorite, but there are some other combinations that we eat ..

egg, tomato and cheese

turkey bacon and egg and tomato

kale and egg and bacon

ham cheese and egg (kid favorite)

I’m sure you can think of your own, also. A few tips to keep these “New Year” friendly: Use low fat cheese or omit it altogether. Do your best to incorporate some type of veggie into it. Let’s face it: green things make you healthier.

To make these, I use one of those breakfast sandwich makers. I bought it for the family New Years gift last year, when it turned ’14, and it has been used at least 4 times a week. But, you can easily make these sandwiches on the stove top, use an egg ring if you’re a little OCD and you want them perfectly round.


Love, MK