baked mini tacos

mini taco pizzas These little guys are the perfect portion controlled nibble for your next fiesta, or Superbowl party… or Taco Tuesday.

If you follow my other blog, you’ll know that I am off white flour/sugar/processed foods  for a bit, (maybe longer than a bit) How long is a bit, anyway?

In my book, a “bit” is anywhere from 3 minutes to three weeks.

But, what is “my book”? Haaaaaahaaaaa, one day I will write a book, call it “My Book” and explain what I intend to say when I speak/write. I’m sure it will go something like this:

Chapter One:

Recipe explanation:

“Eyeball” amounts in recipes: This does not mean the size of an eyeball. This means adding enough that looks good according to one’s own personal sight/preference.

Example: I like to see fresh cracked black pepper in homemade cream gravy. I survey the gravy with my eyesight to obtain the correct visual/taste appeal ratio of black flecks in velvety creamy gravy.

This could also apply to the amount of chocolate chips added to cookies, and sprinkles to, well, everything that deserves sprinkles.

(In my book, there are lots of things that deserve sprinkles)

Hahaha, back to “my book”.

Or, back to tacos?_DSC5072To make these, you need to do that ↑, save those scraps for homemade baked tortilla chips, tortilla soup, or cinnamon crisps. You can use whole wheat/whole grain tortillas if you’re off the white flour 🙂

_DSC5073Spread each with vegetarian refried beans,

_DSC5075Add a bit of taco sauce.

_DSC5099Top with a bit of ground beef or meat substitute (black beans make a great vegan option)

_DSC5100Top with some cheese, or cheese alternative…

Place on a foil lined baking sheet and bake in a preheated oven at 350°F

baked mini taco pizzasTop with some crisp lettuce, juicy diced tomatoes and a splash of lime juice.

Muy Bien.

Have a beautiful day, MK

For complete recipe, click here : Florida Milk Mini Taco Pizzas





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