easy homemade hummusI’m in a season of clean eating… I say season, because there are still  going to be seasons of feasting, and enjoying the occasional indulgence of a big slice of homemade cake with caramel buttercream.

Isn’t it funny how the term “clean” eating has replaced healthy eating? I wonder if it subconsciously helps people eat better? Clean always sounds nice. A clean house, a clean car, a clean shirt, clean sheets. No wonder a “clean diet” has gotten so popular.

We associate dirty with bad, so I wonder why we don’t call an unhealthy diet a “dirty diet”?

Just wondering…So: Let’s talk about hummus.

I ate hummus before it was a household word. In my 15 years of being in the natural foods industry, (in the 90s) I had experienced everything before the trendiness set in: You name it: hummus, quinoa, coconut oil, almond milk, stevia, agave, hemp, freekah, Greek yogurt, probiotics, essential oils and the word organic,macrobiotic, raw, wheat free and whole grain ever made it to chain stores.

Wait. You don’t know freekah or macrobiotic?

You will. 😉

You would really think I would play my cards and make this little blog a clean eating blog. I know my material, that’s certain.

But, I was never one to always  be trendy. I was always the awkward girl in fifth grade not wanting to wear the tight jeans that were “in” ,  honestly-they were just plain uncomfortable– this was before they invented lycra/spandex/denim blend… they were tight DENIM, folks, as in lay down on the floor to squeeze into them. As in feeling like your bottom half was in the grips of a massive python all day.

Ummm, I’ll pass on that.

Thank goodness there is stretch denim now.

So, yes. I commonly say no to trends. But, not all of them. I am guilty of several trends I’d rather not remember. But, since we’re strolling down memory lane, lets have a go:

Multiple ear piercings that went beyond the norm, yes… I did that.

Rubber bracelets up to my elbows: Yes, I did that and got yelled at by a volleyball coach over it. She thought they “interfered” with my serve.

Black lace, white lace…ANY lace – lace strips holding my hair back in a big bow off center from my head, lace gloves with the fingers cut off. Nice. I looked like I raided my grandmothers linen drawer.

Wearing rosary beads as jewelry. Yes, that “goes” with the lace.

Vests with T shirts. Whhhhaaaat?! Into dad’s closet now.

Giant earrings. Blazers with shoulder pads that made me look like I was ready for football… umhmmm. That may have been me, circa Miami Vice (with Don Johnson)

Flannel. Grunge: Yes, I looked homeless and jobless for a period in my life.

The Black Phase: Black lips, eyes, nails, hair, clothes. Everyone seems to encounter that phase. Even today. Seems like some “trends” never die.

Hippy Phase: Oh yes, I nailed this…. especially working in the natural foods industry. Long hair with tiny braids, being vegetarian, coloring my hair with henna, eating homemade granola and  gardenburgers, using ear candles, Skin Trip lotion, and  Dr Bronners soaps   tie dye, patchouli oil, long skirts and Birkenstocks. (I’ll admit: I still use many of these)

Preppy Phase: This was during my first year of college. It didn’t last long. Main reason:  Collared shirts annoy me in 94°F heat.

Ska phase: Big black Boots that took 20 minutes to lace. Music with horns and “dancing” that got you sent to the ER on occasion.

Old Lady phase: OK, this wasn’t a trend but it was a period I went through when my grandmother died. I had her hair combs, you know before they invented barrettes? I used to wear my hair 1940’s style with red lips and black pumps.In my house,  table was always set with cloth napkins, and fine china, of course this lasted a short time, because I lived in the country and let’s face it: black pumps don’t work when your weeding.

Loud music phase: I annoyed people at red lights.

Truck phase: country music, truck, and a hound dog. (I still haven’t outgrown this phase- although I no longer have the truck)

So… I guess I’m in the domestic/mommy phase now.  I think it’s my favorite so far. I’ll stay here for a while.

Back to hummus.

Hummus is whirled up chick peas, olive oil, sesame tahini, garlic and lemon juice. It’s healthy. It’s clean. It’s versatile in which you can add just about any flavor you want. What ever is trendy. Think of hummus as the food that can take on any trend.

Vegan? Hummus has it covered. Wheat free, low carb, high protein, paleo, clean…. nailed it.

Sriracha? It can take on that trend.


Wait. Sriracha will never be trendy. It’s a part of life. 😉 I know this because my spell check has accepted it as a word now.

easy homemade hummus

Author Michelle Keith/ The Village Cook


  • 1 can drained chick peas
  • 1/3 cup sesame tahini
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 1/4 cup cold pressed extra virgin olive oil
  • juice of 1 lemon
  • salt to taste


  • Place all ingredients, except oil in a food processor
  • adjust oil to desired consistency
  • Salt to taste.
  • Garnish with additional oil and fresh parsley.