chili mac

chili mac ~ (n)

–  The ideal dish for picky toddlers, hungry husbands and busy mamas.

I know there are a ga-zilllion  recipes for this out there. It’s like a homemade “beefaroni” …with cheese. Mmmm.

For the record, my husband ate three plates and my four year old cleared her plate. Also, my husband made his lunch the afternoon before. I think he’s excited about this in his lunch pail.

This is the total weeknight/soccer practice/ late day meal. You can even fix it up the night before and pop it in the oven the next day. Wait a minute… what does “pop it in the oven mean”? I know it’s another way of placing it in the oven…but-“pop”? Hmmmm.  How about glide it into the oven? I like that. Hey. That’s my new phrase.

“Glide it into the oven”

I will add it to my others: “Blob of” , “Hmmm”. “Ga-zillion”, “mmmm”, and of course “woah”

So- back to this recipe. It’s so easy a caveman could do it.

Except cavemen don’t have ovens. They’d have to glide it into the fire. But, I am pretty sure they don’t have casserole dishes or shredded cheese either. Oh dear.  Never-mind about that thought.

I’m totally rambling this morning. It’s because I don’t have a lot of pictures of this dish. But… I do have pictures.

Need some eye candy?

This was the table setting at my moms group last week. Yes, it was a board game theme.

Want more?

Four types of homemade brownies… total women’s group.

But you have to eat all your chili mac before you eat brownies.

This was another recipe I snagged from Sargento, I was hunting for something “back to school-ish”.  And, it’s not bad for you, either.

You could omit the beef in this and substitute black beans or chili beans… mmm, I bet that would be tasty.

I topped mine with shredded reduced fat Mexican style cheese to make it healthier, and to keep my girl-ish figure. 😉

If you want the recipe, just go here: Chili Mac and it’s all ready to print.

A special thanks to Sargento, for allowing me to make this post and  feed my hubby four times with it.





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