You guys were all so sweet to comment and share your thoughts…. I thank you from the bottom of my heart… please keep the comments coming- because I will also be holding “blue moon ” giveaways- which will be completely random! Now, the winners:
#5 Lisa T – Alton Brown is her pick (I call him the Mr. Wizard of food!)
#7 Cindy- Tom Colicchi of top chef
#13 Katie-Paula Deen
As much as I wish I could plan a day with your favorite chefs for you… I am not that famous or powerful (yet…lol!) But, I will be sending y’all a nice fun package with a few items so make your day brighter! Congrats to the winners! Please email me your address (it will be kept private). NEXT GIVEAWAY IS COMING NEXT WEEK! Watch for the questions to be posted soon. My plans are already in the works for next week, along with a few surprises! Thank you all once more!