florentine stuffed shells

I love Italian food. It gives me an excuse to drink red wine.  Sure, the nightly news gives me good excuses, too…good for cholesterol, the heart, blood pressure, etc.  But I like having a food excuse better.

Italian food also gives me an excuse for my garlic breath. Good thing today is a chore/yard-work/vampire slaying day.

I’m a busy mama. I have a planned lazy day ahead. Let’s see if it will happen. I always plan on sitting down and finishing the book I started. But, then I get distracted. I swear I’m worse than a 2 year old sometimes. You guys are really lucky I don’t get too distracted here. Come to think of it, I think this is one of the few things I don’t get distracted on….hmmm.

Speaking of distracted, I will be announcing a giveaway winner from a previous post this afternoon.

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Mmmm, stuffed shells.

I only have a few step by steps. Why?

The onions.

They got me, man. I was tearing up like an old maid at a wedding. My lil one kept asking me what was wrong and drawing me pictures to “cheer me up”.

This recipe claimed it’s 20 minutes to prepare. I thought, “Okay, whatever. We’ll see…”

For the record, it was 30 minutes. But, who knows… the onion issue may have had something to do with that. Bickering children, too. So… yes this recipe will take 20 minutes to prepare if onions don’t make you cry and there are no kids in the house.

I wanna see Rachel Ray make a 20 minute meal with kids in the house.

For the record, it also takes 40 minutes to bake. But that’s okay, that’s when you can clean up and drink a glass of wine.

I mixed up my filling while the pasta was boiling. It’s a mixture of Ricotta cheese, garlic, onion,salt, egg, nutmeg and finely shredded Mozzarella cheese . Mmm, cheese.  I actually added more chese on top to go with the Parmesan you place there. I was feelin’ cheesy.

It’s vegetarian. And, my hubby didn’t complain. Woo-hoo!

You can have the kids involved with stuffing the shells…unless they start bickering, then tell them to go color.

I wish someone would tell me to go color. Or, go take a nap. Kids get all the best orders.

Speaking of kids:  did you notice “The Domestic Mama” tab up there? That’s a “new” site here, and that’s where I’m going to put all the domestic/kid stuff. You know: crafts,organizing,rainy-day ideas, homekeeping, etc. I’m aiming to updated it several times a week. This week I did a paperwork organizing segment, (so far).

Be sure and go visit. Especially you mamas out there.

Back to stuffed shells:

I found this recipe at my new favorite drooling site, and here is a link so you can print it up all by yourself.  😉

Florentine Stuffed Shells

A big thank you to Sargento for helping me make this meal possible, and sponsoring this post.

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