These are the EASIEST cupcakes to decorate.


If you can make a mess, you can decorate these with perfection.

As for the meatballs? Can you unwrap a chocolate? You’re good._DSC1481Simply start out with some basic baked cupcakes, and place them into a big wide serving bowl. (I used a confetti sprinkle mix.. yes a mix. I get lazy on occasion)

_DSC1483I used a # 3 tip. But in this case, a cut in the tip of a plastic  pastry bag will work too. Or even the corner of a zip top  bag, as well. 😉

_DSC1484I also tinted the icing with a few drops of ivory color… because real spaghetti isn’t pure white.

spaghetti and meatball cupcakesFor the meatballs, I used Rocher chocolates… amazing how “real” they look.

spaghetti n meatball cupcakesAnd, for the Parmesan… simple: grated white chocolate. The sauce was raspberry jam, unfortunately all I had was seeded… seedless raspberry or strawberry would have been perfect.

Either way, they fooled my husband… muhahahaha.

🙂 Enjoy!