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So, this post is sorta a recipe, sorta a daily thought and sorta a news event. No, not like national news-or even small town news..just household news. Household news is awesome. They should have a show about it. Just interview random people and ask them what their household news is. Everyone has some “event” going on; large or small; big or little…there is always something. An example: science fair projects, new mops, snoring dogs, birthdays, visitors, unpaid bills, paid bills, boo-boos, clogged toilets, workplace drama, ebay sales…etc.

Maybe some people wouldn’t want to hear about every-one’s business…I am fascinated by how everyone else lives. Maybe I am just nosey? Or maybe a little bit weird? Yep, I will sit at a red light and wonder where everybody is going, and what they are having for supper. I also love going on evening walks and smelling the air. My hubby and I guess what we smell. We live were there is a lot diversity, so sometimes it’s a challenge.

Then, I wonder if people ever smell my house… hmmm.

Today’s household news:

(insert that news-music)

An upcoming visit from members of the family will enable mama and papa to take a weekend retreat without the accompanying offspring, much to their delight. In addition a celebration will be in order, as mama will celebrate her 36th birthday on the 28th.This trip will take place in Islamorada, Florida, where the couple will stay at a inexpensive hotel, drink lots of beer and go fish.It’s rumored that mama wants a fruity tropical drink at sunset, but more than likely she will have just beer with the papa, since she has a fear of hangovers. On the food front,¬† there are lots of cakes being made this week, one for a cake class mama is attending, and another for the aforementioned birthday. It has been rumored fondant will be covering the birthday cake.

(commercial break-probably some prescription drug ad, since they always have them on during the news)

Another family member will be sharing the company of the family early next month, just before mama is to leave for Texas courtesy of a major company to be later announced. Needless to say, mama is bouncing off the walls over this event. Let’s hope she doesn’t knock any holes in them. (insert “canned” laughter)

The youngest member of the household is learning her letters and sounds, and enjoying her pet crickets that were spared from the mouths of the hungry beaded dragon  pets. While the older sister looks on in disgust.

The events of the older sibling have consisted of an upcoming science fair project and enjoying her new henna tattoo. Along with an increased interest in the opposite sex, much to mama’s dismay.

Hmmm… that would complete the household news section I suppose.

Sure, I can pt other junk in there…like how my mortgage company has put me through hell lately, as I try to remove my ex-husbands name from the loan. Despite the house deed being entirely in my name with the court…they somehow want to leave him on there no mater what I do. Grrr. And, how something ate all my Brussels sprout seedlings. Grrr. and how I recently went redder- err..more red with my hair. Oh yeah, I need to paint my toes and pay the power bill.

But that’s not fun news.

How about food?

Sunday dinner?

A nice roasted chicken, I rubbed it with a mixture of poultry seasoning, paprika, garlic,thyme, and salt and pepper. Simple, but good.

The tastiest mashed Yukon gold taters.

It wasn’t a recipe that made them good, it was just their own “tato-ness” that was magic. Oh they had such a nice sweet buttery flavor. All by themselves. But, then when you add butter, cream, garlic and a bit of ranch and salt…oh my. Mmm. Mashed taters rock.

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