This, my friends is the Floridian:

The Floridian

This is the sunshine state in a glass, with bright ruby red grapefruit,a squeeze of sweet orange, tangy lime, and tropical coconut, poured over ice in a salt rimmed glass, it’s like a visit to the beach that you hold in your hands and drink.

Minus the sand and sunburn, of course.

_DSC6351As a Florida native, I know these flavors well. When I was a child, my mother would take me to “the groves*” as she would call it, and we would take a tram ride into a forest of citrus trees, pregnant with heavy fruits; from various oranges and grapefruits to exotics like starfruit and pomelos. We would stuff our burlap sacks with assorted fruits, pay for them and return home, with sticky hands and bodies  full of vitamin C.

The groves, is where I learned there was more than one species of orange and grapefruit, I  became able to distinguish between a Valencia, navel and Honeybell, and a Tangerine and Tangelo.

I grew up with weekly trips to the groves, until I was 16, when; sadly “the groves” were all sold to housing developers, one by one.

*”The groves” were several family owned citrus farms in Palm Beach County in the 1960’s-late 1990’s Knollwood, Palm Beach Groves, Cushmans name a few.

So: when I was presented with a chance to develop a recipe for Stirrings Cocktail Mixers; I knew I had to create one that showcased my love of my home state and it’s wonderful citrus.


I was able to choose from some of their rimmers, and mixers. I chose the Margarita rimmer, and mojito mix. You can find these at your local spirits store, such as: Publix, Total Wines & More, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, Crown Wine & Spirits, Broudys Liquors.

And, be sure to seek them on social media, too!






Add store Locations: Publix, Total Wines & More, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, Crown Wine & Spirits, Broudys Liquors.


I purposely chose this salty rimmer, as a homage to the salty, briny sea. I added coconut for his rich tropical flavor that marries so beautifully with the citrus, and finally, the tang of lime from the mixer pulls everything together like a summer day.


Add some fresh Florida citrus, and you have “The Floridian”.

the Floridian cocktailThis is my drink, pink and fruity, salty and sweet.  The ultimate in tropical beverage bliss.

For this drink:

2 ounces Stirrings Mojito mix

2 ounces vodka

2 ounces coconut rum

4 ounces ruby red grapefruit juice cocktail

squeeze of 2 orange segments


Rub a lime wedge on the rim of a tall glass

Dip in stirrings Margarita rimmer salt

Fill will ice

Mix remaining ingredients in a shaker and pour over ice.


*This post is part of the Stirrings Blogger contest; I was given samples to create a recipe

The Floridian