two nice things….

So, I have been in one of those blah unmotivated moods the past few days, hence the super simple postings I’ve done… I know it’s no excuse to limit the entertainment for my reader friends out there. I have just had a few blah days… but some things always make me happy. Aside from the people and animals in my life,of course. My mixer. Now, I’ll admit it took me about a year to break the habit of mixing stuff by hand (I still do with some things) but, after I had my little one time became much more scarce. And this baby always helps. Especially with mashed potatoes. Beats em silly in just 3 min. Did I say silly? Ok… fluffy silly.

Has anyone seen the foodsaver infomercial? That marinade container… you know it sucks all the air out so whatever you’re marinating takes in the marinade? Yep. It works. Does a great job. Saves time, too. Thanks air sucking machine. You make me very pleased. Ok, back to the blahs. I needed some inspiration so I took out my YEARS of recipe clippings and photos.. I found enough to really light my fire… and spark your intrest. (hardy har har!) As for the sauces I’ve mentioned before… they are yummy but the pics just aren’t to my liking. So, I need to do a bit of experimenting there. I’m looking for some comments… Is there anything you’d like to see on this site? Recipe requests? How to? Or how not to? Hmmm… maybe there will be a prize…..

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