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cajun boiled peanuts

 homemade boiled peanutsBoiled peanuts are a Southern thing, or so I am told. I know nothing different than boiled peanuts. Sure, there are roasted, salted, honey roasted and candied. But: I know boiled.

Raw “green” peanuts  boiled in a spicy, salty broth…

Cooked peanuts take on a different texture than traditional roasted; they are nutty and meaty, almost like a bean but not as mealy. And, fun to eat, like Edamame. Sometimes; food you have to work at tastes better…. for instance:


Crab legs, lobster, peel and eat shrimp…


Tootsie pops, blow pops….


seeds and nuts:

pistachios, sunflower seeds, boiled peanuts.

If you’ve never had boiled peanuts before, they are definitely worth a try. Even of you don’t end up liking them, someone around you will, and you will make their day. Or, at least the snack portion of their day.

Snack time is always nice, don’t you think?

When I was a kid, I went to a montessori Kindergarten, which was from9-12 Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Back then, kindergarten was not a prerequisite for grade school… crazy, huh? Snack time I remember so clearly…

Small paper (as in, drink fast before they leak) cups filled with either red punch or lemonade, sometimes orange “drink” (It clearly wasn’t orange juice!) and butter cookies. Not butter cookies like grandma makes, but the butter cookies with the hole in the middle, that every child wears as a edible ring on their finger before devouring in a race to get to the playground first.

I haven’t had one of those cookies in years.

The last time I had one it was with raspberry leaf tea…. I was told it would help cramps.

FYI, it does….

But… I’m pretty sure I need to indulge in a little butter cookie tea party for old times’ sake.

But: no Rasperry Leaf tea.

I’m going with Earl Grey.

Lately, I have been quite enamored with that tea. I used to be a strict Darjeeling drinker. But… a afternoon tea with my mama and girls got me hooked on Earl Grey.

Mamas have a way of introducing daughters to new foods… even when they are old, like me!

(I have a birthday coming up..age is on the mind!)


homemade boiled peanutsSo: please let this “old mama” (although technically I’m a new mama, lol) invite you to try something new:

Boiled Green peanuts.




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