Well, today happens to be one of those days I just don’t know what to post about, I’m sure there are some forgotten food pictures and recipes lurking in the abyss of my hard drive- but somehow I am unable to bring any of them to mind. I can however, think about all the things I want to make and post about…along with a few changes in store for this site.

The first of them will be updating the “Oranges and Alligators” segment here…now that I finally have a scanner, I am able to get all those groovy old pics into the digital media files they deserve to be in.

The second is kinda a biggie- a wedding cake for my sister. I think I am most nervous about delivering it somewhere. I think she’s most nervous that there won’t be enough cake. She really doesn’t have to worry about that part, though. It’s pretty darn big.  I need to buy a few more pans, actually…  Anyway.. expect a whole week of watching it come together.

Next week I’m going to Texas. All by myself. It’s food related and related to this site. How freakin’ awesome is that?! Pretty freakin’ awesome in my book. But… I am having the worst time deciding what to wear/bring/do on a plane. I know all the rules n such… what I’m having a hard time with is: camera lenses, what book to read and snacks.  I have a mountain of books and novels, that I never seem to have time to read…now I will have a few days with a few hours all to myself in those days….hmmm. What to do. Oh! I know… HAVE FUN.;)

I am so going to buy a cheesy tourist item. Heck, maybe I will buy two and host a giveaway?

What is a cheesy tourist item from Texas? A big hat? Spurs? Hmmm

For a real souvenir, I’m totally getting a cookbook. And, maybe a charm for my bracelet. Oh yeah. 🙂

Here’s the cheesey Florida tourist things:

orange gum (made in Mexico)

salt water taffy (made in Wisconsin)

seashell magnets (made in China)

Florida t-shirts fringed on the edges with little plastic beads on the fringes. Oh man, that’s hot. 🙂

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