sugar cookie dough truffles

Lately, I have been dreaming up a bunch of new recipes, only to realize that in order to make them, it requires a trip to the store. I’m one of those people that will try to figure out the alternative before heading to the store.  Now, if it’s a trip to the local produce stand… I don’t mind that too much…just sometimes the store is a bit much.

One recipe in particular (this one) calls for staples. Yay. Not that vanilla wafers were ever a staple in my house before kids..but, at least they’re pretty common to find. Isn’t it weird how staples change depending on if there is young-uns’ in the house? These are things I used to always have before kids:

the expensive butter …y’all know the one

fancy cheeses

fancy crackers

gourmet mustard

cocktail fixins


wasabi rice chips that were $5 a bag

Veganaise mayonnaise

ginger-lemon creme cookies

fancy hand soap

Red Stripe beer

bread that costs $4.19 a loaf

Nowadays I

buy cheaper butter (sniffle, sniffle 🙁 )

never have time for my wine and cheese plates

have yellow mustard on hand

don’t drink cocktails unless it’s a blue moon and I’m in Kentucky

enjoy my wasabi when my hubby or I catch a tuna or snapper

use the other mayo

dollar store soap-because my youngest really likes to wash stuff


and try to get the best bread I can afford

Life changes with kids… and you know what? I wouldn’t change a thing.

But… I do look forward to getting the good butter again. And, I’m going to be making homemade mustard. And, I have a bread maker. So there. 🙂

Back to these. Total kid food:

sprinkles are so pretty. When I was a kid, my mama would give me a bowl of vanilla ice cream with sprinkles just like that. Mmmm.

To make these you need to grind up some vanilla wafers, sugar, and pecans:

then add a few more ingredients to form a dough:

roll the dough into walnut sided balls and then roll em in your favorite sprinkles:


sugar cookie dough truffles:

In a food processor:

pulse until fine:

2 c vanilla wafers

1 c sugar

1/2 c pecans

Place in a mixing bowl and add:

1/3 c butter, melted

1/4 c whole milk

2 tsp vanilla

1/4 tsp salt

1 c flour

Combine to form a dough and then roll into walnut sized balls, then roll in sprinkles or colored sugar.

Store in the fridge!


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