sweet cream biscuits

The other day, I woke up to one of those moods. You know the ones: the ones where you’re not quite sure how you feel, you’re not sure if you’re worried, disappointed, scared, or just plain unhappy… but you do know you’re in a mood. And, the worst part is that you don’t even know why you’re in the mood in the first place.

Sometimes, you can trace it back to an event: words spoken, spilled milk, or less money left in the bank after the bills.

Other times, you just don’t know why…and you try to “figure it out”.

Then there are the days where you give up; embrace it and challenge it to disrupt your life. That’s what I did. I wasn’t quite sure what triggered my overcast shadow upon my day… so I embraced it and decided to do exactly what I wanted to do. could do to get back to normal. First off: I had work. I had work to do and lunches to make. I had recipes and photographs due for a client, and I really needed to go marketing. When I say really needed, that means that my kid had an assortment of snack foods to create a sorry excuse for a lunch.

So, I incorporated what I wanted to do into what I could do: Enjoy a pumpkin spice tea for exactly 10 minutes and look through some of my favorite inspirational books and then some websites. Now: when I say inspirational: two huge things inspire me- God’s word and photographs. So, obviously, Pinterest followed some good ol’ scripture.

I know I have written about Pinterest in the past. Heck, sometimes Pinterest can put you in “one of those moods” ~ sometimes I will go on Pinterest and see all these super crafty-fit-baking-and-cooking homeschooling moms out there that have it all together. It’s like a fitness model was morphed with Martha Stewart and Donna Hay. Oy vey.      And, I will get annoyed.

Other times, I see theses fantastic images and quotes and things that make me chuckle… and all the (mostly ladies) people out there in the world that all share a common bond… through beauty of life, excitement of creating things, and the ability to laugh. Sometimes, Pinterest makes me fall in love with the world and it’s people all over again.

Getting annoyed at the perfect appearing moms on Pinterest is not nice.

Loving on the similarities and appreciation of life that we all share  is nice.

On this particular day, I chose the latter view.

Feelin’ better…

Next, while driving from the school drop off I decided on making homemade cream biscuits to go along with a comfort food supper. And,  vowed to myself that I would not get all lazy and just buy a can. Because when the cans pop they scare me.

Now just knowing that at the end of the day, when the Autumn sun’s rays are casting a golden hue on my kitchen counter I would soon have my hands immersed in soft flour, and cool dough. Knowing that I would soon be using my grandmother’s biscuit cutter,  and best of all, knowing that there would be soft pillowy hot biscuits for supper and breakfast the next morning.


Before you think I just turned into one of those super moms: let me tell you- these take as much time as a can of soup. Because they are made with cream, there is none of that incorporating butter or shortening into flour. That can be cumbersome at times… for me, at least.


I made these while afternoon snacks were happening, and husband was mowing the lawn. It was 10 minutes of peaceful therapy..that brought back memories of phay dough and mud pies.

Except this will have a tastier outcome.



sweet cream biscuits (2 of 3)

sweet cream biscuits (3 of 3)…. breakfast..

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