Sunday cake

My parents church was having a picnic over the weekend, and my mama commissioned me to do the cake. I think she knew I had fondant laying around… and extra eggs, too. Mamas know things, you know. She used to know when I had contraband in my room…you know candy, make up…love notes. Now, she knows when I have the makings of a cake. Hmmm…

I decided to show you a few step by steps, (as if I haven’t done that before). But, hey- every cake is different- you know?!

This one was a little lopsided. But, I decided to go with it-and do it up anyway. My fondant was a bit dry, and my shortening was sparse… but, I decided to go with it anyway…because, really- most things can be fixed or at least hidden pretty well.

It started with a 9inch cake…Then, I frosted it with some good ol’ butter cream.

Uh-oh. There’s crumbs in that. That’s a no-no.

Okay! Now- look at the oops! First of all, I didn’t have enough pink. So, the blue covered the base. But, the seam where the two colors met looked odd, so I hid that with some yellow fondant.I cut the rick-rack pattern with a cutter that came with my ultimate-cake nerd-kit.  Then, I made blue balls for the top. Stop laughing. Blue fondant balls, I should say.  😉

Fun thing about pictures, though. With the right angle and lighting- you can kinda hide the flaws. You guys know I don’t photoshop. Number one, I don’t have it. Number two, I couldn’t use it if I had it, and- number three, I like to keep the pic a real as possible.

A good background works wonders, too. This was taken in my stepdaughters room. ↑

Are you still laughing about the blue balls?

Me too.

This cake got me a gig to make another for the seniors group. I haven’t decided on what that one will look like….yet.

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