Greek yogurt Alfredo

Greek Yogurt Alfredo-1

It’s lower fat. It’s creamy. And… it’s calling your name…

Actually, I really hope it’s not calling your name, because that would be weird.

Sometimes my dog calls my name, though.  Because my dog is spoiled and only likes to go outside for the occasion of relieving himself.  After, he goes to the screen door and whines and whines and whines… then, I tell him how lucky he is, because there are dogs out there that live outside all the time.

Then he looks at me at waits for me to give him a biscuit or something because he peed.

“That was when you were little, buddy. You’re housebroken now.”  I always think. Then I realize that’s why he whines by the back door… I should have named him Pavlov.

Now: about this Alfredo…

This is a recipe I created for Florida Dairy Farmers, and trust me… you’ll want to make it. AND eat it. AND not feel too guilty about it, because a lot of the creamy goodness is from low fat Greek yogurt. And, any of you that have had Greek yogurt before.. you know the creamy goodness I’m talking about.


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For the complete recipe simply click here: Greek Yogurt Alfredo

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