marshmallow fondant and snowmen

xmas food 006These guys adorned our table while we ate lasagna… They are 99.9% edible~except for their toothpick skeletal systems.

To make them, I made more fondant and this time, it was neater, and a wee bit easier.  First, you melt marshmallows with a few tablespoons of water.

xmas treats 005

do it in 20 second intervals, and stir with a spatula or spoon heavily coated with shortening.

xmas treats 006

now, start mixing in confectioner’s sugar, (you will eventually work in an entire 32oz bag)

xmas treats 008

to make this “magic” happen, you will also need to add 1/2 c of shortening, also. Keep mixing it all until it begins to form a dough. Then, grease up your hands and knead until it looks smooth. Coat with a layer of shortening, and wrap in plastic wrap and store in a zip top bag. It keeps FOREVER (well, so far…) I store mine in th fridge~and bring it to room temp to either roll out for cakes, or to make the snowmen pictured here:

xmas food 013

gumdrop hats, sugar pearl buttons and the eyes were nonpareils… yum!

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