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Who remembers this song:

Strawberry wine…

seventeen …

first taste of love…


I’m pretty sure it was in the 90s. And, I’m pretty sure a lot of my (mis)adventures of the 90s involved strawberry wine and mad dog. And… yes, most of it was illegal. Illegal because I was too young to partake in the beverages and illegal in the ways in which our crew obtained them. The bags that were in style  back then were these large triangular Liz Claiborne hand bags. Perfect sized for swiping wine from the bottom shelf as you tie your Doc Martens. ‘Nuff said.

Is there a statute of limitations on this? Jeez, I hope the wine police don’t come crashing down my door.

Boones Farm strawberry wine was one of the most popular beverages for those in the 15-17 age range along with Zima. Who remembers Zima?!

So.. me at 15. 1990something. Edited because I clearly cannot calculate my age correctly. It was 1990 i was 15… but somewhere in the 90s when everything happened.

Me… back then…

Long hair highlighted with Sun In, a crystal on a black leather cord around my neck, ripped jeans, Doc Martens and a concert T shirt. Monsters of Rock was my favorite shirt.


I just described a 15 year old today. How on earth did I get this old? What happened? And why didn’t I save all of my 90s stuff?!

Fortunately, for todays society- Strawberry Wine is not as popular  as it was back then, at least I don’t think so. Although I still see it “out there”.

One of the (mis) adventures with it- was when I was about fifteen or sixteen, (I was not a good kid by any measure;) and I regularly skipped school, and snuck out of my window to go hang with the bad boys, since most of my girlfriends moms forbid me from coming around, which made  almost  all of my friends  boys…. but not boyfriends. But this made all the girls hate me. It was either because I got them in trouble with their parents (bad influence) or they thought that their boyfriend liked me. Anyway, back to the wine…

There were two things to do on a typical weekend night, circle the car loop around the beach for hours, and after,  conglomerate at a local 7-11 or Taco Bell, or there was River Bridge.

River Bridge was a movie theatre set in a strip mall.

Everyone went there, not necessarily for the movies, but for the fights. The shopping center had multiple alleys and crevices that were ideal to get teen angst and frustrations out. If something were going down, it could be settled at River Bridge.

Lets leave it at: Strawberry Wine → girl accusing me of stealing her boyfriend→ Friday night at River Bridge.

Strawberry Wine can lead to trouble. Just listen to the song…

My advice? If life gives you strawberries make pie, not wine.

And, the other day- life gave me an abundance. Well, we actually went to pick strawberries at a local farm. Man, I have come a long way in since my River Bridge days… although when I was dating my (now) husband, there was a feisty little 19 year old that was causing some trouble- with the same accusations.(insert eye roll) I promise: I’m not a boyfriend stealer or home wrecker. If a guy had a girlfriend and made an advance at me he was instantly in my book of “never date this one”= because if he cheats when he meets- he’s bound to repeat.  Remember that, ladies and gentlemen.

Back to pie.

Back to my current life of being. And finally having some good  girl and guy friends that don’t feel threatened if I’m nice to their husband or boyfriend.

I love adulthood for that exact reason. Of course, there’s still the occasional drama… you know, the Karens and the Tanyas. Ladies like that are vomit from a fly. There are times I think: “if there was still River Bridge I’d go down that alley…”

But, I’m an adult so I don’t.

I just chill.

I love adulthood because I don’t have to steal wine anymore, either.


So, we went picking strawberries. Because it’s winter which is pretty much spring to everyone else in the world -temperature speaking.

It was a reason to get out in my hat and kick up some dirt and pick some sweet berries.



Just look at that blue sky.


Once again, back to the pie.

Wait. Look at that cute pie dish. $2.99! Love me some goodwill deals.

I used refrigerated crust. Ain’t nobody got time for scratch made around here anymore. But, if you simply must- I have a classic pie crust recipe here.

I arranged some of the fresh strawberries on the bottom of a baked crust .

Then you cook up the rest of the berries, and mash them with some sugar and cornstarch…

Pour  it over the berries, and chill. Literally. Chill it . You can chill, too. Have some wine. Cheers.


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