springtime in my house

It’s the first week of spring in my world. It’s not based on weather, or what the calendar states… it’s a state of mind that overcomes me this time of year.

I want to purge my closet of all the  hearty blacks and browns and embrace the pinks and floral prints that scream lemonade and picnics.

I want to gut the clutter of the things behind doors. (Yes, hall closet and desk in garage- I’m talking to you.)

I want to plant things before the sweltering heat of summer bears down and roasts even the heartiest cactus.

I want to make some lemon oil scented cleaners and scrub my walls. (In the winter I like pine)

But, most of all I want to enjoy the longer days and eat dinner on our “new” patio, before the mosquitoes begin their blood ducking assault on anything warm blooded.

My first week of Spring has been spent so far housebreaking a puppy, building garden boxes and dealing with a broken down car…

There’s also been some food photography and recipe development for Florida Dairy. Burgers, pasta salad, casseroles and smoothies. Yum.

I’m going to try to sew a quilt again, too. I figure it will be ready for the winter if I start now. I said that last spring, too. Still no quilt.

Maybe this year.

Anyway, ever since we started our urban homesteading project life has gotten even busier. I’m outside and away from technical devices, because half the time I’m adding water to the gardens or the coop. If I’m not doing that I’m helping the hubs dig up trees, and dreaming of a big tofu dinner. Sort of.

I’m mainly fixated on making some carob brownies right now.

(Dessert after a big roast tofu or something like that.)

No…. we’re not totally vegetarian. We had wings n beers yesterday. We’re just Monday-Friday vegetarians. So far.

I’m not sure where my husband found his inner farmer …. but, it’s kinda cool seeing him get excited over squash blossoms and researching irrigation.  Not sure why it took me close to 8 years to convince him tofu and carob are awesome, and that we can grow our own food…. but I’m not complaining. I’m happy. Busy as heck, but I’m happy. I finally have my miniature farm. 🙂 Minus the cow, of course.

That wouldn’t go over well with the neighbors.

I hope you guys are having a nice springtime….  🙂 I’ll have some food tomorrow.


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