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spinach and cheese lasagna rolls

Spinach and Cheese Lasagna RollsMy husband never wants lasagna. I’m not sure why, but whenever I suggest it, he suggests something else…


“What’s for dinner?”




“How about spaghetti?”

So, the other night I just said:

“Some spinach pasta dish I want to make”


“Sounds good, baby”

And, there ya’ go… I sneeked a Lasagna noodle into the repertoire. Add some cheesy spinach and roll it up, and you have your greens and carbs all in one.

_DSC0014.NEFThe filling is a mixture of ricotta, cream cheese, assorted seasonings and, Parmesan and mozzarella cheeses… and, of course spinach. Because if the mixture is green without spinach, you may have a slight problem with your cheese.

The mixture is addictive, and you could eat it with a spoon if you’re not careful. But, be careful… because it’s really good rolled up in noodles, too. Save some for that.

Speaking of addictive:

I don’t mean to take that word lightly. I should really re phrase that.  How about extremely enjoyable? Desperately delicious? I want to try to find a better word.. hold on let me find synonyms for  addictive.

obsessive. enslaving. hooking.

Ugh. Those are horrible.

My daughter invented a new word the other night. Unpatient. If you ask me, it makes a lot more sense than inpatient.

I need to have her work on inventing me a nicer work for  food that  is so good it’s “addictive”. One day, she’ll write her own dictionary. Watch out, Webster.

_DSC0013I had posted a photo of these on Instagram, sometimes noodles look better without sauce. Naked noodles (insert schoolgirl giggle)

Speaking of naked…

The other day when I was in the kitchen, Just kidding.

Gotcha on that one, huh?

_DSC0029.NEFI don’t have a plated photo. You know why? They got eaten, and the sun was going down… and the next day I forgot because I have a lot of new changes going on in my life… things are happening that I know wouldn’t have ever happened if other things didn’t occur.

It’s pretty amazing when you begin to recognize that there is something bigger making things happen in your life beyond yourself. And when all the pieces begin to come together… and the order comes from the chaos that life often looks like.

Like a recipe, a bowl of assorted items added at strategic times and mixed in a particular way. That’s life.

Stuff gets added and stuff gets removed.  In a cake, you add sugar and separate eggs. It gets baked. Things happen in life where you feel like you’re being thrown in the fire… but just hold tight; because a glorious cake is going to emerge.

Then, there’s the icing on the cake. And the icing is always good. So… in life when things seem like a mess of brokenness and dust, just wait. Be Still. Because that bowl of broken eggs and flour is going to be something great one day.

You’re going to come out of that fire and be dressed in sweet goodness.


(This should have been a cake post. )


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