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Note: This is a sponsored post, however the opinions expressed are my own.

This time of year, I tend to see random flecks of glitter…. everywhere.

Be it that I have little girls, and nowadays it seems like all the clothing is embedded with glitter, and,  that every holiday card I get in the mail has glitter, and be it that most of my ornaments sparkle with… you guessed it: glitter.

So: I’m not surprised when I glance in the mirror to fine glittery specks on my forehead. I’m convinced there is a glitter elf that sprinkles glitter on my pillow at night. But: that ‘s okay. There are times of the year it’s okay to sparkle.

That goes for wine, too.

_dsc6177This wine has personality. It enters the room with a bang. Well, actually a pop. But, if it were a person… let’s say a girl, this would be that fun girlfriend you have. You know the one that always is able to make you laugh, the one that will wear glittery leggings and totally make them look fashionable? The one that will wear a Santa hat “just because it’s Christmastime”… the one that surprises you with coffee for no reason… yes, my friend: this is the wine that sparkles like that friend.

_dsc6209 I was asked by some dear friends to create a cocktail with this bubbling beaut of a wine…. something that emanates the season, but isn’t just set for the holidays. This my friends, is a cocktail that you will say cheers to the new year with, and toast your sweetie on Valentine’s day, treat your mama to on Mother’s day, and serve with breakfast in bed for Father’s day.


A bright mix of citrus, the tang of cranberry, and hint of tart lemon, this lively drink won’t weigh you down.




For written recipe: http://honestcooking.com/prosecco-spiced-cocktail/

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