spaghetti pie (n)

~ a tasty dish I made while I was in a bad mood.

This recipe is tas-tee. But, in my case a do-0ver. Not because of the recipe, but because there was a tiff in our home that night at dinnertime. See… I told y’all I’m not perfect.

So, I need to do over the recipe so that it’s not “attached” to a tiff. I’m sure you have foods like that…. I remember my mom made tacos when I was little- the day I got in BIG trouble for throwing a rock at my sister. Needless to say, I don’t throw rocks anymore.

I do slap plates on the table- and then I stain my tablecloth. Grrrr…

I’m one of those people that everyone says to me “I can’t ever imagine you mad”

Because I generally don’t lose my temper… it takes a lot.  On this occasion, it happened to be a lot going on, and toss in a few hormones just to spike it up a bit, and house-guests, and a potential hurricane… a comment from my hubby set me off like a  shaken up can of soda.  Then toss in so bickering kids… oh boy.

Anyway. It all smoothed out after both our bubbles settled.

But, yeah, I was mad,  and I slammed the plates on the table.  Causing little splashes of pasta sauce on my tablecloth.  I’m sure that was God’s way of saying “Chill out, mama.”

Back to pie!!!

The “base” is warm pasta, mixed with eggs and shredded Parmesan blend cheese.

The “middle” is made with whole milk ricotta, I added a tablespoon of Italian seasoning to it. What can I say ? I’m a spicy can of soda. 🙂

I topped the ricotta with more Parmesan and baked it… and then I topped it with this shredded Italian cheese, and baked that a few minutes more.

My favorite part? The chewy crunchy edges…mmmm- now, you HAVE to let this cool about 15-20 minutes before slicing. Because it needs to firm back up just a bit. Otherwise, your cheese will ooze off just like when you separate pizza slices too fast. You know what I’m saying… it’s a bummer to get the “cheese-less” piece.

For the recipe, go here: Spaghetti Pie it’s all ready for you to print! 🙂

Disclaimer: This recipe was created courtesy of Sargento, however- they had nothing to do with the tiff that occurred.