potato trees

potato trees~ a fancy way to dress up your ‘taters

It’s nice to get a bit fancy around the holidays… take an otherwise “plain” side dish and present it in a way that people exclaim “Oooo!” I don’t know about you, but I love when I hear “Oooo!” when people see their plate.

To make these you only need 5 things:

I took the easy-but-tasty route and used Simply Potatoes.

You know, the ones in the fridge? Oooo, they’re gooood. I didn’t know how many varieties they made. I am in love with the hash browns I used in my hash brown muffins.

All you have to do is warm them up so that they are soft, and then fill a pastry bag with them. I used a large star tip, but you can also do it without a tip. I sprinkles some red and green pepper dices “for the ooo factor”. But… you could also sprinkle chives as well. That will work, too!

Speaking of the “ooo” factor~ they have TONS of fantastic recipes on their site. So, if you’re stumped on your starches, they will totally help you out in that department. I love finding good recipe sites. I’ll admit it: I get stumped a lot. Especially this time of year, because I tend to get more preoccupied with other things. So, it’s nice to find a site that has recipes that are quick and tasty.

I’ll also admit: there are days I’m in the kitchen all day and don’t even think about dinner~ and suddenly it’s dinnertime and I have that “idiot-moment” and cannot believe I forgot dinner. True story. So quick recipes are a must for days like that. You know what I mean, I’m sure….

A special thanks to Simply Potatoes for allowing me to try out their tasty taters here!


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