salted caramel cookies

This is the first thing I baked in my newly-restored oven. And, you guys will love it. It’s a shortbread crust, a thick layer of dulce de leche, and Himalayan pink salt. Yes, I know it’s sounds all exotic, but I have some tips, so you don’t need to go too far past your pantry to create these.

man, are they good.

First let’s talk about dulce de leche. I know that you guys don’t have access to something like this:

But, I know that you can make it at home, too. Easily.

You just put sweetened condensed milk in a crockpot. True story. For directions, go here to Coleens Recipes.

If you would rather get what I used, well- I put some up in my shop here. I figured I will start offering some of the ingredients I use in my recipes to help you guys out. So watch for an update. Is that a good idea? I think so, too.

Or, you can simply melt some caramel candies in the microwave with a bit of cream to thin it (1tbs). It’s October, those bags of caramels are everywhere.

So, the base of these is shortbread. I have a love hate with shortbread. It’s awesome with hot cocoa, but plain? Well, it’s dry. It needs gooeyness.

The dulce de leche? It’s awesome. But, sweet. What’s it need? A tad bit of salt. Yes, I used fancy Himalayan salt- but you can use any coarse salt. I just got the fancy salt and wanted to use it for something.

Shortbread dough.  Nothing to it but flour, butter and sugar, and a dash of vanilla.

pat it out just shy of 1/2″

and bake em up. Let em cool.

spread the love….

Here’s my fancy salt. I got it at Ross for three bucks. I’m cheap thrifty.

there ya have it. Nice, huh? We are having company for dinner tonight, so this will be the dessert. I will let ya know what they think. As far as what to serve for the entree? I have the worst time deciding what to make for company. I think it’s going to be lasagna. So I can make it early and hang out.  And drink wine. Yum. Looking forward to that.

And these cookies.

I am so glad I have an oven. It  was dismal without one.

Now I have cookies. And you guys have a new recipe, too


Dulce de leche cookies or, salted caramel cookies:

1 1/2 sticks salted butter cut into small pieces

2 c flour

1/2 c sugar

1 tsp vanilla

With your fingers, combine the above ingredients to for a dough.

Pat out to 1/2″ thickness, cut into circles

Bake at 350 for 12-15 minutes

Allow to cool.

Spread with caramel, or a can of dulce de leche, and sprinkle with coarse salt.


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