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baked frosted doughnuts

2013-06-07 13.46.26I made these a while ago, on National Doughnut Day.  It’s one of the few food “holidays” that I actually remembered. I’m always a day late on those. I’ll finally get on some sort of social media site at 10 o’clock at night and see everyone eating ________ for National ______ day. Then, the next day I have whatever _____  was.

So, I’m queen of the leftover food holidays.

Except this one. 😉

2013-06-07 13.39.10These are baked cake doughnuts, so they are sorta better for you than the deep fried variety.

They’re just as tasty, too.

Speaking of tasty things, would you like some juicy gossip about my weird life? Hmmm, is is still gossip if I’m talking about myself? It’s probably more narcissistic. But, either way- it’s entertaining.

We adopted two new baby birds! You can read about them (and us getting lost in Miami) right here.

My mother in law took my stepdaughter to Virginia for the summer. I haven’t written much about that… to sum it up she still disapproves of me. (oh well…..)

At about 2 pm everyday, I am having iced coffees, it’s the only thing that will keep me up with my energetic 5 year old.

I’m craving Rice Krispies treats, and I’m wondering if I can make a post about them. That’s kind of like a no brainer recipes, right?

We are planning a camping trip locally, so we can come home to let the dogs out. 😉


And, finally….

some doughnuts:

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