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The Internet is a strange and wonderful place sometimes…. through the Internet, I “met” Kira. Kira is the Australian version of me. Seriously.   Except she makes her own butter. I haven’t done that yet…

Anyway, if she lived closer, I bet we’d hang out . A lot. I would take her to all the thrift stores and international markets and then we could go get cocktails and talk about food.  That would be fun. It’s always fun to have cocktails after shopping. Or before pottery class. That’s another story, with another dear friend. We used to go to a pottery class after work, but hit up happy hour before that. I dropped the clay…a lot. Ahh… the old days…

A while back, I came across a photo that struck my fancy. It was of “fairy bread”. Turns out, it’s an Australian treat associated with birthday parties. Of course, I went to my friend for info. I had the name all wrong at first- I thought it was fairy toast, but toast is crunchy. Things associated with fairies should be fluffy, don’t ya think? Me too.

Kira told me how it brought back wonderful memories of growing up, so this post is for Kira.

What is it?

Fresh fluffy white bread with the crusts cut off and spread with real butter and dipped in sprinkles.

No…whole grain won’t do here.  Neither will margarine.  The fairies told me that’s against the rules. 😉

I have to admit…. it’s good. Real good. Fluffy salty buttery crunchy sweet.

Probably one of those things I will start craving at PMS time. Oh dear.

As far as the movie ticket winner goes… I will be posting that a bit later today. Sorry. The fairies told me to. 😉

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