pie crust

I had an idea to make something key lime yesterday. It didn’t come out-back to the drawing board. So…I ended up making some old fashioned pie crust. Real Southern Pie Crust. A grandmother recipe. All I can say was…perfect. I created something small with strawberries and cheese… I have the beginning pics to share with you today…I am waiting for some better natural light to show you what the finished product was. We had rain yesterday. Lots of rain.

It was rainy-so I went for black and white-(and gray)

and…a helper woke up early from her nap…

she loves dough….and to her- it’s all food.

I have to admit, I like dough myself, too.

That’s it for yesterday’s rain….I promise the yummy recipe involving more strawberries later. And, maybe my key-lime thing will come out. Hmmm.  Oh. Pie crust. Well, for that I went against a lot of my health food feelings. I know my friends that read this will be in shock-but I had to try out the classic southern traditional grandmother recipe.  I will post that recipe, soon too. How come things that are bad for you taste so good?

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