If you remember a while back I attempted to recreate the cake from the film Pollyanna. There is a bazaar scene in it-where Pollyanna is munching in this GIANT piece of cake. I will help you out with a visual…

Wow. That’s huge. Now- I “researched” it and the most info I could get was “frosted styrofoam” …hmmm…I don’t know about that.

That looks too real- and isn’t that a crumb in her mouth?

I finally decided it must be some sort of chiffon cake- the problem is chiffon cakes need tube pans to bake in. Something for the batter to “climb” on. So, I have now decided it’s not chiffon.

Back to the drawing board.

Yep- at this rate I my kitchen will be looking like this soon. Hey- are those wine bottles? Heck, if I made six huge cakes like that I may be boozing it up at the end, too.  So- today I am on the hunt. I am going to go through my special stash of cake recipes and conquer the “Pollyanna cake”.

The next thing I want to conquer is a pink frosted cookie I had at Burdine’s department store when I was 5. It was a big Snoopy party celebrating the release of Snoopy’s girlfriend, Belle. They served pink lemonade and big, pink frosted sugar cookies. I remember the cookie most. It was fluffy with a creamy frosting on top that had a flavor that tasted like a bakery smells. Yum. Need one. NOW.

So, that’s it for my personal culinary challenge for dessert. I’m making a new chicken thing tonight. So- if it comes out good I will share that with y’all….Ooo- I had another middle of the night idea, too. It involves potato chips and chocolate. Jeez- I must be PMS-ing. Seriously, though-salt and chocolate works. Maybe it’s a chick thing.

So- my culinary challenge for y’all-(no you don’t have to make a giant cake). But, is there something you saw or tasted from your past that you would love to have just one more time? I would love to know what it is….maybe I will make it, too. Yum.