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my almost famous spinach cheese rice bites

To make up for the lack of posting over the weekend today will have a bonus or two… the first?
my very own spinach cheese rice things! (now renamed to bites)

This was one of the first published recipes of mine… and very yummy!

you will need:

2c leftover rice
1 egg
1/2-1cup shredded cheddar or other
1/2 bag frozen (thawed and drained) chopped spinach
1/3 c ricotta cheese (optional)
various seasonings: garlic, salt, pepper, onion red pepper flakes
Combine above ingredients and spoon into nonstick muffin pans bake at 350 for 25min. These come out good with or without the ricotta….use extra cheese if you omit the ricotta. Enjoy!

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