weekend highlights

Over the weekend, we had our local fair in town- which meant deep-fried everything along with large pieces of grilled meat was in town also. Normally, I say I’m going to eat something- then I rationalize the $8 price tag and go buy steaks on the way home.  This time, however- I did happen to try one of the deep-fried oddities there.

Oh yes. Even my “I don’t like sweets” husband was smitten.

It tasted like a crunchy, hot doughnut.

There was the usual exploitation of animals that go along with fairs and carnivals, but this guy seemed pretty content to be hand-fed fish and lounge around.

I went on the carousel with my daughter, but the hubs forgot to grab my camera; so I snapped this one before we were spinned into oblivion.  Did I ever tell you I don’t like heights? I think it’s because I’m short.

These guys taught me that there is even more stuff I can eat from trees when I’m on my morning walk. I love being able to walk through my neighborhood and eat breakfast for free.  I’m so tribal.

I was admiring the food photography on this stand… along with the creative use of the two colors that supposedly trigger your appetite.  FYI~ the food looked NOTHING like the pictures. Can you believe it?! 😉

Now~ I love how this next pic came out (I think it’s the sky…) and I also have to say I did not edit it in any way.

I totally want to frame it and put it in my bathroom or something.

I know, I’m a weirdo.

Over the weekend we also drove around some lions and giraffes, but that’s another post. Because I know you probably have to go back to work-or make breakfast-or pee or something. But wait!

The steaks from before? Remember the new cookbooks I got?!

Well, this little book has all sorts of recipes from popular restaurants.

I made the steaks…

that’s them, soaking in beer.

Then you rub em with a spice mixture:

Te only thing was, the sugar amount was too much. It needs tweaking to be more “Outback-ish” so, it’s tweak time the next time I make steaks. Otherwise, I’d share the recipe. I just don’t want y’all disappointed.

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