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I have several recipes I really need to post here, I mean.. it is a food blog, after all. But: there’s more. That’s why I had originally started “The Domestic Mama” ; but seriously, who has time to keep up with two blogs?! So- I’ve decided to keep everything centrally located here.

I got a camera for Christmas… my sweet daughter asked me what my “dream gift” would be and I said a new(er) camera. I wrote new(er) because she managed to find a sweet deal on a full frame with low shutter count, and (with my mom’s help) presented it to me on Christmas eve.

Life in pictures:

So, with this awesome new(er) camera I’ve had the best time going around town on picnics taking photos. of course there is a back story to every photo.

For instance: this picnic we went on- I was trying to incorporate homeschool into it-we had read “The Boxcar Children” and there were mentions of brown bread, yellow cheese and dried beef. My daughter had never heard of brown bread; (In case you haven’t either-its a sweet bread that’s made with raisins and molasses, and steamed in a can, popular in Boston)

So: we re-created a boxcar lunch. The verdict: One kid LOVED the bread, one kid LOVED the cheese and one kid was in a very mad mood. (picnics and nap time don’t go together)

And, this year I decided to use my abundance of craft materials- a friend and I once decided that Pinterest makes you a craft hoarder- and it’s pretty true. So: I’m unhanding my supplies and actually using them. Nevermind it takes me a week to do a five minute craft with all the interruptions- the point is, I’m finally doing something.

My friend commissioned me to go to town with some T shirts, and I had a blast actually completing projects (kids were angels for a whole day couple hours )

But, there are other projects like this glass painting: I’ve been this far for over a week now… I’m about ready to hang it up as is.

What’s interrupting your progress?

In my last post, I spoke of all the things that can hold people back. Sometimes, it’s outside sources, work, for me it’s toddlers, lack of time, housework, potty training, etc. Other times, it can be internal battles. You know, those days where you just don’t feel like doing anything.

Today is an interruption day. Do you ever get those?

Today: I have tried to write this post for three hours… seriously. I started writing, the internet went down, and then kids woke up. My daughter tends to take photos of real life all day, and I decided to share today’s with you:

But, these interruptions of the day are blessings from above.

My two year old refuses to leave my side… and our dog won’t move from his spot, either…

And, today the interruptions continue because it’s time to go. I get to take my mom to cancer treatment;  but I consider it a blessing because she’s still here for me to get to be able to take her places. There is no joy in cancer, but there is joy in cherishing people, and moments together. 

Life is a get to, not a have to… 

Most interruptions I try to bless. You know, look for the things to be thankful in it… broken toilet? At least we have plumbing… kids driving you crazy? Imagine if they weren’t there…. you get it, the things we complain about are so trivial at times.  But there are times even that is hard. It’s so hard to find the good in the ugly parts of life.

The people that ooze

 Brokeness. Bitterness.Fear. Some people carry these well, and are able to move above the dark places they hide. Then, there are  others that have tendencies to ooze like an infected wound. Which, is what they are doing… you know the saying, “hurt people hurt others” – sometimes the people with the wounds, well… they  get infected and ooze  infliction on others. It’s hard to bless these people, but it’s what they need more than anything. Healing. Close the wounds that ooze. Bandage them up… 

Love the unloveable. 

Heal the hurting. 

Praying for your enemies is one of the hardest– and most rewarding things to do. When you pray- really pray for them- the peace that surpasses all understanding fills your soul. And, I’m not talking about a “Lord, ruin their day” prayer, either…a prayer for the holy spirit to stir in their hearts in such a way that their heart is filled with unshakable joy that – you guessed it- surpasses all understanding. 

I have to admit. It took me a long time to really get that concept. And, to put it in action. But, now that I do- 

It changes everything

Of course,  know how to create healthy boundaries with toxic people.

There are enough distractions in life . 😉 

Count you interruptions… are they blessings or burdens?

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