I love recipes that use up things like leftover chicken and turkey… because I usually have leftovers of both.  I think it’s because I always make a lot of sides when it comes to poultry. Ehh, who knows?


Wow, so the news is on while I’m typing…and this story is up about this guy that is accused of murdering his girlfriend, and stuffing her body in a cardboard drum. As if that’s not horrendous enough,  he claims she died during sex, while he was strangling her. As if that’s normal.

Sorry to disturb you with that. Ugh. The news.

I’m waiting on the weather. It’s supposed to be nasty later.

So… back to croquettes!

This recipe is inspired by one found in “The Black Family Reunion Cookbook”-mmm, there’s some good stuff in there.

So, for the croquettes, you melt your butter, and add celery, onions and carrots -all diced very fine.

next, you add flour and chicken broth to make a paste:

then, you add your chicken or turkey, and an egg.

form patties or “logs” and roll in bread crumbs…

saute each side until crisp….

I love a chive/sour cream dollop on mine. Mmm, perfect for a light lunch.



3 tbs butter

3 tbs each:

celery, onion, carrots finely diced

saute in the butter until tender, and add 3 tbs flour and 1/2 c chicken broth

cook until mixture is thick and creamy over med-high heat.

Remove from heat and stir in 2 1/2 c finely shredded chicken or turkey, along with one egg.

Allow to chill at least 1 hour.

Form into desired shape, either logs or patties. Dip in bread crumbs and pan fry over med-high heat in a small amount of oil until golden on each side.


Ahhh… the little one is up, now and the news is off. Thank goodness. After the creepy murder story the weather came on, and they said we may be seeing some tornadoes later on. Like that’s what I want to hear. Not fun. Let’s hope they are just being ultra-cautious.

Hope all y’all have a good day…I will have a cakes and some easy weeknight meals later on.  As long as I don’t go to Oz.

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