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homemade ravioli and emotional outbursts

Ahhh… I know I got you with the emotional outburst title. Because if they’re not happening to yourself personally they are somewhat entertaining to hear about.

Let’s face it: An emotional outburst is basically a grown up temper tantrum.

And… we all have them at some point or another. Mine, did not happen to involve ravioli, either. I just happened to make ravioli that day- so it’s a bonus for you- a recipe and an emotional outburst.

Which do you want first?

homemade ravioliThe outburst?

Okay. So there are people in life that will disappoint you. That’s a no brain -er. If you think you’re going to glide through life without being disappointing by anyone, well…. let me be the first. Because it’s going to happen. Sorry.

Most people expect disappointment from typical areas: IRS, used car salesmen and the lottery.

But when it comes from family or strangers that have no reason or merit, that’s when it’s , well; disappointing.

So, a few weeks ago I was at my vet’s office to get the puppy his last set of puppy shots. I’m a good dog mom. I keep up with that stuff. I know that dogs sniff and lick weird things, I am aware of the diseases they can acquire though this activity.

So my puppy had a fever.

The tech drops a big OMG and looks at me: “What have you been doing with him?”

The only thing I could think of was the walk we took the previous morning.  It was his first walk beyond our street and I figured since he was getting his final set of vaccinations the following day…it would be okay. I’m sure you get the drift.

She immediately treated me like I was some sort of exercise addict that was also abusing my animal during it. Ugh. But, I kept my cool, no outburst there. No, the thing about emotional outbursts is that they usually occur when even you least expect them too. Like when my friend called, and asked “How are you?” instead of the usual “I’m good” because honestly sometimes I just don’t think it’s worth it to waste precious friend time complaining about crappy vet visits. I’d much rather chat about recipes, the kids, or God.

But, when just as she spoke that question, the question mark still loomed in the air like a deflated balloon… it was then that I lost it. It wasn’t just the vet office, it wasn’t just the technician’s snide remarks…. it was  weeks worth of things I had bottled up like kimchi… and it was just fermenting away.

One of my daughters had neglected my birthday earlier this year, as in totally forgot about it. Same thing for Mothers Day, although she did remember to tell another family member (a mother but not her mother) Happy Mother’s day. in addition, money was tight things were breaking that we couldn’t afford to fix, and drama was lurking in the distance, like a dark storm waiting to unleash it’s fury. And, the vet tech had been my final straw. So I just let it all out in a big pile of emotional vomit, tears and all.

Then, my sweet friend said a prayer for my restless heart.

And, I felt better. I felt blessed to have someone like her, that called me in her few brief moments of peace in between her crazy hectic life of homeschooling three, managing an office, and the assorted other duties that come with being a wife, mother and teacher. these precious moments she could have spent enjoying the silence, or perhaps listening to a song, but, she took a moment to hear me. She took the time to be a friend.

In life, people will disappoint you. They won’t remember your birthday, they will cut you off in traffic, they will lie to you, rob you, judge you, and label you.

But… In life people will also rescue you, they will hear you, care for you and love you. No matter what.

My question is: What kind of person do you want to be?

It’s easy to be the angry person because you see the unjust things of this world. It’s easy to highlight the negative… the news helps with that process every evening. It’s much harder to turn the other cheek, and to embrace the beauty that is so overshadowed in today’s world. It’s much harder to overlook the times you’ve been wronged, or worse yet, someone you love has been wronged.

But, if you are angry over that… doesn’t that make you part of the problem?

Training yourself to overcome the past hurt and disappointments can only come by loving others. Even the ones that hurt you. The world doesn’t need anymore angry people. Trust me with that one.

That’s my two (okay maybe ten) cents for this morning. 🙂 Peace.

Time for ravioli:

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homemade ravioli

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