Jeez, have I been slacking on the cooking this week or what? Aside from it being sauna hot outside, I have also been quite busy. I know,  that’s no excuse. Because you know I still ate.

So, here’s a re cap of the best stuff I ate this week.

This was a Princess cake I ate at Ikea. Green heaven. Oh yeah… it’s one of those things you eat and moan “ooommmm” at the same time. I did that- with each bite.

They had other food that looked really good, too:

seriously, do they have a food stylist on staff? Look at that plate.

I had the marinated Salmon there~ mainly because I have never had it made by someone other than myself. I posted about it here a long time ago…it probably needs a re-do. I’m sure the pictures are ehhhh.

There was London broil:

the leftovers were used to make steak and arugula wraps. Mmm. But, the pictures came out crappy for those. That’s another re-do. Oh well.

Household news? I saved my fish from choking on Monday… he had a plastic plant lodged in his mouth, I had to catch him, and pull the plant out with tweezers. He still wasn’t acting right all week, and he passed last night. I’m really bummed about it. He was a big Parrot Cichlid, and I had him almost 6 years. He was the first living thing to greet me when ever I came home… now his mate is hiding. I may have to go to the pet store, today. If anything, for her.

Did I mention I hate having to explain where the big fish is to my 3 year old?

I hate that part, too.

Glad I can vent here.

I have a big ol list of things to make this weekend, and some things to make today.So this may end up being a double post day- because cooking is my therapy. And, no I am not cooking fish.

In case you were wondering that.

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