happy anniversary giveaways!

Just a note if you comment at the (almost) un-meltable ice cream post and at the potato salad post….you will be entered in the two giveaways going on right now…don’t be shy!

Hmm…as far as news goes…our plumbing backed up. NOT FUN. I think we need a new wax ring on the toilet. (we got the clog clear) Can I do that today? Will Utube help me. I’m sure there is an instructional   out there online.

I am hoping to not spend the day in the bathroom.

I have weeds to battle, and toddlers to chase.

And work.

No, not nine to five type- but work all the same. People to call, letters to type. Trying to make my lil’ dream a reality.  I will keep y’all posted.

If I get out of the bathroom early enough I am going to make some more food to share. If you’re like me- you’re always on the lookout for EASY, TASTY, EVERYDAY MEALS. Mom mama meals. That’s an upcoming segment. Enough with the hard to find ingredients. This will be simple comfort chomps. 🙂 Stick around.

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