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Note: This is a sponsored post, I was given compensation and giveaway merchandise ; however the opinions and ideas expressed are my own. 

Here we are, on  Christmas eve, I hope that you are settled in with a cup of hot cocoa and a completed “to do” list, but  there is a possibility that’s not the case. There may be that moment that strikes in the middle of the night, where you completely forgot that your uncle Charlie is bringing his new girlfriend to dinner, and you want her to feel part of the family.

Or, maybe it’s that awkward gift exchange with co workers that you forgot about until the day of the party?

Or maybe you’re completely brain dead from orchestrating fantastic lives of elves… that you just forgot to buy a gift.

Clearly there are options for these situations:

  • Regift something you have in the house. (I suggest you DO NOT do this, unless you have spare diamonds laying around…)
  • Stuff some cash in an envelope, or card. (Cash is great, but it’s also a bit impersonal… and if you can’t get to the bank for some crisp bills…well, it can be awkward. Have you ever wondered just what that stain is on the $20 you were handed?!)

GIFT CARDS!!!! But: not just any ol’ gift card. A card that’s beyond specific. A card that gives options. Like a Happy Card. #holidayswithhappycards


Because: happy cards are more than just a store or a restaurant. They’re a choice.

My daughter pointed out to me:

“Look, with the Happy Lady card you can go eat AND go shop.”

Of course I thought, “Ooooo, I do get hungry when I shop…it’s like dinner and dancing: lunch and shopping. They go together. All in one card”

How nice is that? 

And: for y’all that can’t decide between a foodie gift card or a shopping gift card… this covers you.

Next step:

Card presentation:

Of course nobody will turn away a festive card with a card inside, but how often have you misplaced cards in cards? (That can’t just be me….)

So: lets get creative last minute with gifting these. My favorite:

A simple jar with some fake snow and candy (I used M&Ms and lollipops) I nestled mine in a bed of fresh greenery (free at Christmas tree stands!) and added a few dollar store baubles.

It’s the last minute gift that doesn’t look last minute. You’re golden.

This may even win over your grumpy sister in law who’s name you drew in the family gift draw. 😉

Now: I have something for y’all:

How does $100 Happy Lady Happy Card Sound?!

Oh yes I am.

I’m hosting a giveaway for it. And, to enter all you have to do is:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway begins at 12am 12/24/18 ends at 12am 12/31/18

Good Luck! Note: to leave a comment on this post, simply click the comment box at the title of this post!


Happy Cards are sold at HappyCards.Com, as well as major retailers.




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  1. mamakeith says:

    My favorite gift card is one that you can get variety with, weather it’s amazon, ebay or a happy card!

  2. Jeffrey says:

    My favorite gift card on the Happy website is the Dining Card, we love to eat at Bravo and The Cheesecake Factory! We usually make a lunch date out of it while the kids are at school.

  3. Deseree says:

    I love Amazon gift cards for the variety of things I can get.

  4. Georgina R. says:

    My favorite is Cheesecake Factory, because I LOVE their cheesecakes! However, I don’t get to go there often. But I love Panera Bread also because it’s better for my budget, has a wide variety of items on the menu, and they deliver when needed 🙂

  5. Erin says:

    They’re all great but I’d love the happy dining.

  6. Susan Christy says:

    Happy Student and Happy Eats are my favorites.

  7. Lindsay A. says:

    My favorites from the Happy Cards website would be Happy Lady & Happy Beauty! 🙂

  8. Michelle Cochran says:

    I have just seen these recently and think they are great! Cheesecake factory happy card would be my favorite!

  9. Kayley says:

    Among the Happy Cards, my favorite would be the Happy Bride because I like the highest number of its options. However, every card has at least one option I’d like, and the Happy Lady has multiple, so it’s another one of my faves.

  10. Carolsue says:

    Happy Local Eats is my favorite card — has the most places we go to eat!

  11. Nick says:

    I like Happy student or Happy teen best, but they are all great. Thank you.

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