guava cheese pillows

You guys will like this. Your friends will, too. And, you don’t have to tell them it only took you 10 minutes to make. unless you want to… why is it when things take a long time to do, we tell people…but when it doesn’t take long we never say a word? Hmm. You’re right, I am the psychology buff. I should tell you why.

I will get on that. I haven’t given you an “analyze-your-friends” word in a while.

It’s Thursday. Good day to do that.

Thursday is another good day to use leftovers, too.

Or, to make these:

Oooo… they look store-bough, heh? Nope. I made em. Here’s proof:

Now- I used store-bought frozen empanada dough. You can use pie crust also, or make your own if you have the time….lately time has been very elusive to me. Let me know if you have any extra to spare, and I will send you some cookies.

I used my grandmothers biscuit/cookie/dough cutter- You most likely recognize it. It’s in a lot of my pics.

You don’t have to cut the dough. I just wanted small “pillows”.

Get yourself some guava paste, and cut out “blobs” okay, I will be proper. Cut into 1″ sections.

Add a blob of cream cheese. 🙂 hee-hee.

Place them on your dough, and seal the edges with some water or beaten egg.

Darn it- I didn’t get a picture of that step. I think my battery died at that point. Ah-hem-SANTA? are you reading this? Extra camera battery would rock. Oh yes.

So.. you fold them up and brush them with the extra beaten egg and bake at 375 until golden. That was about 12 minutes for me…enough time to do the dishes. *sigh*

Tres Leches cake. This pic didn’t make the cut to the original post… but won 2nd place for this post. Kinda like when Miss Universe can’t show up  at two events… they send the 2nd hottest chick in the world. I really want to see a beauty pageant with rules. Like these:

no make-up

no fake body parts

no enhancements (ie, duct tape) to hold up body parts

no hair products

no sequins, glitter, heels, or scrunchies.

the bathing suit portion will be replace with a granny-panty lingerie segment

the talent portion will be making macarons and pulling weeds.

Oh yeah. I would soooo watch that.

Opps. Rambling.

Tres leches. The recipe is here– and guess what?! It’s one of my older posts, so you can see some crappy pics. It was when I was learning how to use my camera. Who am I fooling? I am still learning.

I didn’t do pics while I made this batch…. dead battery problem.

Hot diggity dog!

When I was in 1st grade, my best friend was a girl named Sheliett. She had a sister named Shenetta. She used to always say, “Hot diggity dog!”

I don’t know why I remember that.

I also remember that Jake Smiley stole my Snoopy watch. It was the one where Snoopy was the Red Baron, and the minute hand had clouds on it. It’s 70 bucks on Ebay. One day, I am going to buy one.

I never got over that, apparently.

Remember these?

sure, you may not want em, but your kids will think you are the coolest ever for making them.

It works with veggie dogs, too.

Cut out 8 legs while the weenies are cold.

Remember Lorena Bobbit?

She cut her mans off back in the ??? 80s? 90’s? I don’t know, either. But it made news.

Man, today is a day to remember the weirdest stuff.

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