I haven’t hosted a giveaway yet on this new site.

Today, I am.    Why?

because I said so.  ( oops, you’re not my kids!)

na,  because I love y’all- now, I STILL am not big (or rich) enough to give away Kitchen Aid mixers (one day….) BUT- I can give away little things….so here are the two boxes I made up:

1)  A mini brownie pan with a mini brownie cookbook and spatula- no it’s not easy-bake oven mini, it makes 6 good size brownies.  Along with a bottle of Lalechera sauce (think sweet cream to put on your brownies mmm) …..and a genuine “food jewel” of your choice custom made by me! (let me know what you’d like to have)

2) Box number two has a bag of gormet coffee, cookies, and a windchime handmade by me! ( who doesn’t LOVE windchimes?!)

Ok, now I know you are dying to know- how to win these fantastic gifts?! (hahaha)

Answer the following questions in the comment section at the end of this post:

What are your plans for the upcoming holiday season? What box would you like to win?

I love hearing about all y’alls lives and it makes the world sem a little bit smaller when ya all come together and chat, so… get talkin! If you’re feelin extra chatty- I would love input on what ya want to see more of here! (hint, hint!) 🙂

giveaway ends Tuesday (11/3) at 6am sharp. Winners will be chosen at random by the usual method, and announced by 12 (noon) Tuesday, Nov.3rd

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