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Fresh tuna burgers

As most of you know, my hubby and I and our 2 year old are avid fisher-people. ( my stepdaughter-not so much) Sometimes we get lucky and end up with Tuna. Blackfin and Skipjack-usually. Other times- we just end up with a bunch of saltwater to wash off the boat. This recipe is for both times.

I have seared it, sushi-ed it, sashimi-ed it and now, with inspiration from my new “cyber-friend “Jaden at Steamy Kitchen Asian spiced tuna burgers!( thanks for the inspiration…) By the way, she has a rockin new cookbook out- I have to give her kudos for that ! So very awesome!

The seasonings can be used also with ground beef, pork,chicken, turkey, tofu,  pretty much anything. Oh, yes, AND THEY ROCK! yumyumyum.. or as my daughter says, “Nummy for MY robot tummy” ( it’s a yo gabba thing)

Begin with 2 lbs fresh tuna

mamasfoodpics 002

man, I am loving my new used camera.. (happy mama dance) Ahh…the guilt from Mr. Pentax is fading…

mamasfoodpics 003

cut it up into chunks like this…(you would do the same with chicken, too)

mamasfoodpics 004

Yes, you need a food processor. I don’t recommend a blender for this. (ewww!)

mamasfoodpics 005

make it look like this, I just pulsed it a few times…

mamasfoodpics 001

this little concoction is: ( you know me and  my wooden spoon measurements)

2 wooden spoons of ponzu sauce

2 sliced green onions

2 wooden spoons sesame oil

1/2 wooden spoon ginger powder

1 wooden spoon sesame seeds

dash of rice wine vinegar, dash salt, dash pepper, spot of wasabi

mamasfoodpics 006

Mix it all up with your hands, but take your rings off first!

mamasfoodpics 009

all done almost-(gotta cook em!) and wash the dishes…( I still haven’t gotten a dishwasher)

mamasfoodpics 008

Brush them with some more sesame oil or regular oil or hot oil or garlic oil… get the drift…

mamasfoodpics 007

Now,  you can cook em- what’s awesome about the tuna is you can eat it rare. Yum. Sushi burger. ( I like that- has a nice oxymoron ring to it, like bittersweet, don’t cha think?)

Grill or saute for 3-4 min each side. That’s for tuna. Med-rare.

If you use beef, chicken or pork… well you know the routine. Cook them longer for safety reasons. ( did I ever tell you my mom used to let me eat steak tar tar as a kid?) well, I’m still here. So, go figure! God must have a plan for me.  🙂 yay to that!

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