breakfast casserole

Ooo… this is the perfect casserole to make on Sunday morning, and then warm it up and feed the kids and husband in the morning during the week.  That way, you have more time to tweet and facebook. whoops, I mean, vacuum and do laundry. Or decide what you’re going to wear..some days, I loathe deciding what to wear.

Those are my purple dress days.


This is about as easy and simple as it gets- a layer of dough, a layer of ham (or bacon) and a layer of hash browns, eggs and shredded cheddar jack cheese.  It’s a country breakfast in a casserole dish. Yee-haw!

The original recipe is found  here:  Breakfast Casserole.

I adapted it slightly… because I accidentally opened the wrong can of refrigerated bread product. I think it was the anxiety of opening up the can. Yes folks, I am scared of heights, wasps, and refrigerated bread product cans.

So, I adapted it by using the accidentally opened can of biscuits.

And, yes you can use homemade biscuit dough or bread dough… 😉 ( in case you were wondering!)

I also baked mine in the toaster oven, since it fit in there. Toaster ovens are great for single casseroles. I need to remember that more.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Here is a link to the printable recipe: Breakfast Casserole

A special thanks to Sargento for allowing me to share one of their original tasty recipes!


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