disastrous eggs

Can I start off by saying- I hate candy melts? I know that’s really harsh…. I love other products made by Wilton. I even own the Ultimate Decorating Kit. But, maybe that’s because I’m a cake nerd and an organizing freak. Anyway…

I decided I wanted to make cake Easter eggs. You know, like the cake balls/pops everyone makes? I had all this leftover cake from when I leveled my sister’s wedding cake in my freezer, and had a “a-ha!” moment with what to do with it all. Make cake-ball eggs.Oh yes… I had plans for them to be beautifully decorated, with a nice pic to adorn Tastespotting or Foodgawker.  No. Not gonna happen. Disastrous.


I couldn’t get the damn crap to look smooth. I googled making it smooth. Somewhere it said to add a bit of shortening… I did that. Nada. Grrr.

About this same time, my back started spasming. I must have twisted or turned wrong because, suddenly I had these sharp pains radiating from one side of my lower back. Grrrr.

At this point…I’m over it. Forget the pics, forget the rest of the eggs. I’m done like a steak left too long on the grill.

I was sick of smelling the overly-sweet combination of cake, frosting and candy. I was sick of feeling a layer of  stickiness on my hands. I was dreading the amount of dishes that lay before me…and I was very annoyed at the candy melts. I’m sure they work fine if you dip… as a matter of fact, I know they work good if you dip. But, my containers with the tinted melts were too small; so I tried to pour it on, and smooth it. Note: Don’t try this at home.

In order to get that nice smooth finish, you have to dip. I dipped the white ones. I wasn’t dirtying another &$% dish.

I realized this about the time I was REALLY over it.

Oh well. Whatever. I managed to make three pretty ones and a bunch of ugly ones. But… you know what?

They still are pretty darn tasty.  It was hard for me to keep hating on the melts.

It’s kind of like when someone is nice to you, it’s hard to stay mad at them?

Now… if they came with a little packet of Advil, I’d be in love all over again.

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