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2014 flashback

IMG_6723Here is a slight recap of a few events of the past year, I say slight because I took close to 8,000 photographs. A majority were for work, but on occasion I had my DSLR out for family and fun.

This year, it’s going to be less work and more play for my camera. Better yet, more work and more play.

The best play is work, and the best work is play.

Enjoy the moments before they become memories.

The picture above was somehow taken by me, and  I am pretty sure it was taken with my  iPhone. Because I am scared to death of heights. And, every year at the fair, my husband has to ride the sky ride.

And, every year I try like crazy to spend all of our cash so that “oh darn, we can’t go on it” and, every year he has a hidden $12 in his pocket.

Specifically for that ride.

And, every year for 14 minutes I am sweating bullets and praying the cables hold up.


1-IMG_6606I hand raised four baby birds last year. That was fun. The year before I raised a baby Amazon. He’s a big boy now.

IMG_7145Speaking of birds, this guy turns 13 this year.

He’s loud.

So, back to 2014 highlights:

IMG_7080No, these were NOT a highlight.

I just like the pic.

IMG_7492Another fun memory… camping in 96 degree weather .  The first night it rained poured .. right into our tent. So, we had to drive two hours to the nearest Wamart and we bought another. The box claimed it was “2 minute set up” Hahahaha!

It was more like five.

But, I am not complaining about that at all. Our last tent was a 1 hour nightmare to set up.


IMG_8873Favorite dog pic of the year! Doesn’t it just scream cuteness and coziness? Oh yes, it also screams “Is that turkey in your hand?”

IMG_6970Love instagram filters for moments like daddy-daughter dance

_DSC1705And, I love this. Total blessing to capture that.

IMG_7108And, sometimes, the expression on the gift giver is more priceless than the recipient’s response.

Is this too much people? I know this is a food blog.

Do you need something for your eye’s belly? Yes, I know we don’t have such a part in our ocular system… but, I swear there are days all I want to do is look at pictures of food and feed my eye belly.

New term for ’15: eye belly. Or something like that. Give me a day or two…

_DSC0864I made this for my daughter’s Godfather 60th.

_DSC2453Pie happened. but never made it here to post.

Maybe this year. 🙂

_DSC2958This is an up and coming soon post. To be honest, I am so behind with food posts. I have all these pictures to edit and lately I just can’t seem to get them nailed down…

I think part of that is because I used to do all of my computer work from 5-7am.

Now, I have a young child on my lap at 5:45 am and, well… add in the holiday excitement, no school, Santa and elves, she was quite the spaz all December.

Can I explain my December first? It’s not like yours, I promise.


I’m director of children’s ministry = Christmas program to develop

My kid in the school Christmas play: sew a costume

My sweet friend “T”‘s birthday

Stepdaughter’s birthday

Husband’s birthday

Jesus’ birthday

mother is law’s birthday

mom’s birthday

our wedding anniversary

New Years Eve

Add the parties, cookies to bake, gifts to buy and wrap….

swoosh. It’s amazing I even had my camera out.

_DSC1058I’m glad I did.

It’s these tiny moments in time, that keep me from blazing through all the little moments that count.


Enjoy the moments before they become memories.

<3 MK




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