pierogi and birthdays

I made pierogi last night. I haven’t made them in years, and I’m not sure why. I am going to make them more often, I decided. Especially when I need a carb fix. Carbs stuffed with carbs. Oh yeah.

My booty will be needing to go on a few more walks I think.

It was worth it.

Especially the text from my hubby the next day, while he was eating his leftovers. It read: “Love me some pierogi! ”

Ain’t that sweet?

Now, I know all the other blogs out there are all over the chocolate and sweets, and I am sure I will hop on the bandwagon blogwagon soon. As of now, however… I am in this big ol’ cleaning/decluttering/going crazy thing. Maybe I am sensing Spring.

That’s the going crazy part. 😉

So, what’s this about birthdays?

My birthday is coming up, and I always tend to reflect on things when I have one of those days..(birthdays, that is)

here are the things I want to do before 37 comes around. There are 37 things, so that makes sense. (I’m turning 36, but I really am 28 in my “world”)

37) sew more. I miss sewing. I want to make a bunch of sundresses for Summer.

36) get the backyard garden in better shape. Or else build something there

35) hang out with my sisters more

34) hang out with my best friend more

33) go out of the country…again

32) figure out how to use some of the weird buttons on my camera

31) celebrate my daughter turning 4 and stepdaughter turning 10

30) make a tiered cake, maybe even for $$$!

29) go to a food blogger convention

28) take more cooking/baking classes

27) make lots of cakes

26) read more…stuff

25) paint my bedroom

24) paint my kitchen

23) learn how to make more candy

22) count my blessings everyday

21) organize the photo albums

20) stop procrastinating on #21

19 )submit more proposals

18) figure out if I want my hair long or short

17) use my fondue pot

16) go fishing more

15)catch more fish

14)meet up with some local food bloggers

13) teach my daughter to read/tell time/count numbers/etc

12)raise a chicken(hen)

11)sell more stuff on Ebay

10) organize the final section of the garage I keep avoiding

9) can more

8)enjoy my 5 year anniversary with my hubby

9)enjoy my parents (and in laws) while they are still here

8) go camping some more

7)splurge and get a Diana Mini

6) really splurge and get a Nikkor 50mm 1.4 AF lens

5) be done with Christmas and Birthdays before “crunch time”

4)ride my bike more

3)update and revamp my site

2)decide on HOW to do number 3

1) enjoy every moment of everyday.

Wow…. hmmm.

Now pierogi!

If you have a food processor, and use the dough blade, it’s suuuuppperrrr easy. Note: spellcheck is mad.

My biggest round cutter was 2″. (gasp! Thee is a cutter I need??!!) 3″ would be much better I decided.

I made a mixture of sauteed onions,parsley,salt,pepper and cheese….and put a blob on each.

And then you pinch the seams shut. Or, use a fork.

Boil in a big pot of salted water…

Then, saute in more onions and butter…..

Enjoy. Then go for a walk. 😉 Or, do something on you list…. or heck…have dessert.



For the dough:

either by hand or in a food processor combine:

2 c flour

1/2 c sour cream

1/4 c butter,softened

1 tsp salt

1 egg

Combine until a dough is formed, remove and knead  hand 5-10 minutes. Wrap in plastic wrap and chill 30 minutes or overnight.

Roll out 1/8″ thick and cut into circles 2-3″ large

Place a teaspoon of filling on each circle. (I used an onion, mashed potato and cheese mixture)

seal edges with your fingers or a dork. (LOL, that was a typo I kept.)

bring a large pot of water (with salt) to a boil, and boil pierogi a few at a time for 7-9 minutes, or until they float to the surface.

Set aside, and soften some onions with butter in a sauce pan. Add pierogi and saute until golden.


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