chicken parmesan bites

One of the awesome things about having this site and working with Foodbuzz is free food. And even more awesome thing is free cameras. Which, is what Newman’s Own and Foodbuzz hooked me up with to do this little video. (WOO~HOO!)

On my birthday, I got a big box delivered…it was full of yummy sauces and salad dressings and…a Flip HD camera. Of course, Foodbuzz didn’t know it was my birthday, and they didn’t know that they totally made my day, either…well…now they do!

At first, I was going to make cookie truffles with Newman-Os. But, I later found out that Newman’s Own and Newman’s Organics are totally different lines. Aw, man…

So, I dreamed up these little bites. And.. (of course) tested out my new little camera.

No, this pic was taken with my trusty Nikon.

I shot the video below with the Flip.

I have no clue how to edit. So, I apologize now for the walking back in forth of the camera. Someone had to shut the thing off, ya know! 😉

I need a robot some days. Or an assistant….

Anyway, the recipe is super easy. That ‘s what I was instructed to create. I hope you enjoy it.

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