Last night… I made baked potato soup. The soup came out great…the photos? Not so much. However, I did manage to capture this moment. I call it potato head bliss. She was thrilled that all the noses and ears from her other potatoes could all be on one head.  Anyways, I will try and get some better shots at lunch today of the soup.  I don’t like to post recipes without at least one photo. Plain ol words just don’t make me as hungry as a photo. I am also one of those people that photograze, and I like to see what the final product is uh, SUPPOSED to look like! 🙂

As for life… it’s pretty cold here in Florida. (30’s) We don’t have heat. We have tile throughout the house. I threw out my slippers last summer. My socks are as thin as pantyhose.  So, all week I have had little cold painted red toes. But, that’s okay. What’s NOT okay is that I am OUT OF BUTTER. I wanted to make cookies today, because it’s been a week since the Christmas ones have disappeared and it’s so nice to have a homemade cookie to put in a lunchbox and if I make cookies, the oven will be on and then maybe my toes may thaw, and I got a pastry bag and tip set from santa and I am dying to decorate cookies with the fancy schmancy stuff ….but… I AM OUT OF BUTTER.  I know I need to just get my somewhat warm butt and bundled up toddler out of our drafty 62 degree house and buy BUTTER.  I think I will go visit Bridget at Bake at 350 to inspire me…..